Dr Bikash Ghoshal, HOD ME Dept.

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With India marching forward to become a technologically developed country in near future, the demand for qualified and a talented pool of mechanical engineers has been growing. DIATM’s Mechanical Engineering Department is all set to produce a galaxy of budding engineers to meet this ever-growing demand in West Bengal which, incidentally, happens to be a potential knowledge hub in the Eastern region.Our Institute is totally committed to provide a good learning environment with an improved Industry-Institution relationship. Among the new tech colleges in and around Durgapur, we are a pioneer to introduce the mechanical engineering department in 2007. The department is guided by a good number of motivated, energetic, research- minded and inquisitive faculty members with adequate experience in industry, teaching and research from different fields within an interactive ambience. In view of the social structure of its surrounding and geographical proximity to different Research Institutes as C.M.E.R.I and N.I.T, industries like DSP, DVC, and DPL, e.t.c, our Institute is now looking forward with a strong determination to excel in the sphere of education and research of Mechanical Engineering discipline. Our laboratories and workshops are well equipped with all the equipments needed. Infrastructure has been developed following the introduction of UG Course in Mechanical Engineering. We attach great importance to research to make the department a center of excellence.Our aim is to build industry -institute partnership to cater consultancy services to the industry in the emerging areas. As a first step towards community development programme, practical training in different trades is being planned. IGNOU study centre is already running with full swing in Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering.




Serial No.Name of the faculty memberAcademic  QualificationDesignationExperienceSpecialization
1Dr. Bikash GhoshalM.Tech, PhDProfessorTeaching:12 years 6 months, Industry: 14 Years, Research:4 YearsDesign & Production
2Dr. Prasanta Kr. SinhaM.Tech.,PhDProfessorTeaching:17 years, Industry: 16 Years, Research:12 YearsFluid Dynamics & Design.
3Dr Manoj SinghaPhDAsstt. Professor & HODTeaching: 2 YearsProduction Engineering
4Mr. Dipak BiswasM.TechAssociate Prof.Teaching: 3 Years , Industry -22 years, Research:1 YearDesign & Production
5Mr. Subir Ranjan DasM-TechAsst. ProfessorTeaching: 7 Years, Industry:30 YearsDesign of Machine tools
6Mr. S R DasM-TechAsst. ProfessorTeaching: 1 Years, Industry:32 YearsDesign & Production
7Mr Nirupam BarmanM.Tech.Asst. ProfessorTeaching:15 years , Industry: 15 Years,Production
8Mr K.C.SahaM.Tech.Asst. ProfessorTeaching: 6 Years, Industry:30 YearsDesign & Production
9Mr P.BhattacharyaM.TechAsst. ProfessorTeaching: 3 Years, Industry:25 YearsProduction
10Mr. Pronab Kumar DuttaM-TechAsst. ProfessorIndustry-8 years / Teaching-3 yearsDesign & Production
11Mr. Soumya GhoshM.TechAsst. ProfessorTeaching: 3 Years / Industry -3 years, Research:1 YearDesign & Production
12Mr. Saikat MondalM-TechAsstt. ProfessorTeaching:1Year, Industry: 2Years, Research: 1 YearHydraulic Engineering
13Mr. Anurag ChakrabortiM.TechAsstt. ProfessorTeaching: 1 YearProduction Engineering
14Mr. Debajyoti RayM-TechAsstt. ProfessorIndustry – 15 yrs / Teaching – 3 yearsProduction Engineering
15Mr. Arnab GhoshM-TechAsstt. ProfessorTeaching:6 MonthsDesign Engineering
16Mr. Ayan SahaB.Tech, M.Tech (Persuing)LecturerTeaching:1Year, Industry: 2Years,Design & Production
17Mr Avishekh AcaryaB.Tech, M.Tech (Persuing)LecturerTeaching:1Year, Industry: 2Years,Design & Production
18Mr. Bidhan Ch. DuttaB.Tech, M.Tech (Persuing)LecturerTeaching:1Year, Industry: 2Years,Design & Production