Dr. Projjwal Sarkar, HOD CHE Dept.

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Mission of the Chemical Engineering Department are :-

To provide quality education with the help of the various state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities available in the department which in turn will help to produce skilled, talented, dynamic and quality engineers..
To enhance the upcoming technologies by organizing seminars and conferences on various emerging fields.
To augment the research activities around the department for leading to PhD degree and brining up sponsored projects.
To nourish the students to build up their career and to encourage them for higher education.
To generate broad based education with emphasis on the theory and the practice of Chemical Engineering with respect to the current and future requirements of the country in particular and the international community in general.

Career prospects for Chemical Engineers are :-

To substantiate the significance of Chemical engineering it is more often said, there is a touch of Chemical Engineering in every need right from the beginning of the day of a person with brushing the teeth by toothpaste to the laying down onto a bed at night at comfortable temperature. A Chemical engineer has cluster of job opportunities in the following sectors :-

  • Petroleum refining, Polymers and plastics, # Pharmaceuticals, #Paints and pigments
  • Processed foods # Petrochemicals # Commodity chemicals (sulfuric acid, ammonia, caustic soda)
  • Agricultural chemicals # Personal care products (toothpaste, cosmetics, deodorants)
  • Inks and dyes # Environmental remediation and hazardous waste disposal
  • Energy production # Refrigeration and air-conditioning industries

About infrastructure

Software and Computer facilities:-

The department provides hands-on infrastructural facilities in a state-of-the-art spacious Computer Laboratory. Chemical Engineering Department has installed CHEMCAD v 5.6. It is important and versatile software in Chemical Engineering platform for the enhancement of design and drawing of numerous equipments belonging to chemical process industries. This software is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi. It is so user-friendly that a student of chemical engineering background having a little computer operating knowledge could comfortably utilize this software. It will contribute to the steady growth and expansion of the chemical engineering department.

The Branch of Engineering that is concerned with the design, construction and operation of machine and plants performing chemical reactions is known as Chemical Engineering. The most important role of a Chemical Engineer is to help produce a significant extent of chemicals in a safe and economic way by proper design of chemical reactors to meet the demand of the modern society.
What distinguishes chemical engineers from their counterparts in other engineering disciplines is the fact that they are required to apply knowledge of chemistry in addition to the knowledge of other engineering sciences. Thus because of their perceived superiority in scientific and technical know how, they are sometimes regarded as “Universal Engineers”.
The Department of Chemical Engineering consists of highly qualified and goal-oriented team of faculty members from renowned institute like IIT-Kharagpur, Jadavpur University, NIT-Durgapur, University College of Science & Technology(CU) and with a judicious mix of youth and experience.
The potential research is being carried out by our eminent faculty members in the following areas:-(i) Non-CFC technology (ii) Membrane separation technique, (iii)Utilizing waste product in making valuable products (iv)Waste water treatment, (v) Inversed fluidization technique.
The senior faculty members of the department of Chemical Engineering, NIT Durgapur are associated with this department as mentor as well as Adjunct professors. Projects Works and Research & development works are going on jointly with them. Faculty members of this department are regularly invited at NIT Durgapur as External Examiner for UG & PG students and also as speaker in different events. Our students are pursuing PG Courses and Research work leading to PhD at NIT Durgapur since 2008.


IICHE Student Chapter organizing seminar, quiz & plant visit

Departmental laboratories

Laboratories are the heart of any engineering subject as technical education demands practical knowledge. The Chemical engineering department is privileged to be well equipped with highly modern and sophisticated laboratory equipments. The various laboratories handled in chemical engineering department are as follows :-

  1. Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  2. Heat Transfer Laboratory
  3. Reaction Engineering Laboratory
  4. Mechanical Operations Laboratory
  5. Instrumental Method of Analysis Laboratory
  6. Process Control Laboratory
  7. Energy Laboratory
  8. Mass Transfer Laboratory
  9. Process Equipment Design and Drawing Laboratory.


Serial No.Name of the faculty memberAcademic  QualificationDesignationExperienceSpecialization
1Dr. Projjwal SarkarM.Tech (IIT Kgp) Ph. D.( JU)Asst . Professor & Head 7.5 years in TeachingSeparation Processes,Mechanical Operation,Operation Research
2Dr. Ananta Kumar DasM.Tech. (CU), Ph. D.(CU)Professor24 yrs in Industry &  5.5 yrs in TeachingInstrumentation & Process Control,Environmental Engineering,Project Engineering
3Dr. Debasish GhoshM.E.(JU), Ph.D. (IIT G)Asst . Professor5.5 years in TeachingChemical Reaction Engineering,Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics,Heat Transfer
4Mrs. Deepshikha DuttaPGDPE, M.Tech.(NIT Dgp), Pursuing PhD at NIT DurgapurAsst . Professor7.5 years in TeachingPolymer Sc. & Engineering,Energy Technology,Chemical Process Technology
5Mr. A. K. BasakM.Tech.(Operation Research) M.Tech.(Chem.Engg) (NIT Dgp)Asst . Professor20 years in Industry &   5 years in Teaching Petrochemical Technology,Separation Processes,Environmental Engineering
6Mrs. Debasree LayekM.Tech. ( NIT Dgp),Pursuing Ph D at NIT DurgapurAsst . Professor3 years in TeachingFluid Mechanics,Modelling Simulation,Chemical Process Technology
7Mr. Sisir Kumar ChakrabortyB. Sc(Hons)CU, B.Tech ( Chem. Engg) CU, M.Tech IIT Kharagpur, Persuing Ph.D(CU) Diploma in Industrial Safety Management from IISWBM, Calcutta.Visiting Professor , Ex- Manager Safety, from Linde India Limited (Formerly known as Indian Oxygen Limited)4 years in Teaching & 4years Reseach workChemical Reaction Engineering, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Hazard and safety management for Chemical Engineers
8Mr. Sudip BanerjeeM.Tech.(NIT Dgp),On leave for Ph. D at IIT KharagpurAsst. Professor4 years in Teaching & 4years Reseach workChemical Reaction Engineering,Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics,Mechanical Operation