Prof. (Dr.) P.K Sinha - Principal.

Education makes a man wise, competent, and humble to procure subsistence , to coexist in society and to preserve the knowledge for next generation. Today education has got many forms like Engineering, Medical science, Management, Law, etc . The education is learned by teaching.

We are living in a very competitive world where there is a great thrust of Technological Education. Today’s choice of Engineering / Technology has become natural leaving its counterparts like Medical Science, Management, Law etc. aside . The reason is the vast opportunity of employment. The national and international markets are seeking for good Engineers. Our Engineers are employed either in Corporate or the Core Sectors but their quality is of great concerned. So the poor quality is unacceptable. Today Engineering colleges have been growing like mushrooms but a lot of them with poor quality. They are lacking quality education. They are having hardly any good faculty to educate, adequate infrastructure and Training & Placement facilities.

Durgapur Institute of Advanced Technology & Management is comprised of essentially all needed amenities to build up Engineers in reality to compete in the global market. The college is very much susceptible to the needs of technical students to cope with the challenging demands in industries and corporate sectors. It has quality of a new milestone for those who are seeking to join Engineering courses.

The college has outstanding academic ambiance for technical education. It has a sparkling congregation of qualified and learned faculty members who confine themselves to quality teaching with the regular assignments, class tests, internal tests , etc. An adequate care is also taken for upgrading the skills and practical orientation of students. There is a Training & Placement Cell having a brilliant previous history. The college also maintains an excellent environment of discipline, research activity and zero tolerance for ragging. It is, of course, an Engineer making centre in true sense.

Prof. (Dr.) P.K Sinha - Principal.

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